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Top-Quality Recycled Wiping Material

Frustrated by a lack of top-quality wiping material? At Pennsylvania Wiping Materials, we have a rag for every use. From economical t-shirt and microfiber rags to specialty rags for staining, polishing, and cleaning, we offer a complete line of industrial and commercial wipers, spill control, and absorbent cloths that can handle nearly any job.

Protecting the environment is important to all of us, so the majority of our fully biodegradable wipers are made from recycled textiles. We don't waste water to wash our wipers, we don't waste electricity drying the wipers, we don't pollute the air with concentrated solvents, and our products do not require a water treatment program. The ratio of waste to absorbent rag material is so low that no damage can come to the environment and they can be safely thrown away.

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Prompt, dependable service is given to all orders, with free delivery within a one-hour radius of our location. This includes:

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  • York
  • Pottsville
  • NYC

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Discover our biodegradable and environmentally-friendly rags.


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